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You Only Get One…..



Life is a precious gift and incredible journey. There are many distractions that get in the way of “living” life. Jobs, school, family, and bills are just a few of the many things that interfere with enjoying life to the fullest. On a recent trip to Dubai (UAE), I had the opportunity to visit the Spice Souk. The aroma of dazzling spices like saffron, turmeric, cinnamon, and peppercorn along with amazing fragrance of dried flowers for tea permeated the air. It was in that moment I was reminded I only get one life and it’s OK to slow down and just breathe.

The spirit of God made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life.

Pamela Cook – Photography & Inspirational Words

The First Thirty-Nine

A few months ago I celebrated my fortieth birthday. Unlike turning 35, I wasn’t concerned about getting older instead I embraced the change and welcomed the big 4-0 with opened arms. I was excited, I must admit, because I’d heard that 40 brings new opportunities to get life right and the boldness to forgive yourself when you can’t.

In the midst of my excitement, I decided to share a piece of what makes this new start in my life so wonderful. So brace yourself, here’s a peek at what the first thirty-nine taught me:

  • Connecting and staying connected is worth the work. As we get older, we often get consumed with the redundancies of life which leads us to isolate ourselves. Our families and our jobs create immediate needs that we feel we must focus all our attention on. We cut off people we care about because we don’t have time and we fail to nurture new relationships unless they help us in addressing our immediate needs. But it is important to stay connected. Pencil in time to catch up with your friends and family. Go out for drinks or coffee. Knock on your neighbor’s door to make sure they are okay and meet someone new. Staying connected pulls you away from living an isolated life. And giving and receiving love and support is the life-line for spiritual and emotional wholeness.
  • Ridding your life of unhealthy relationships is tough but life-changing. As much as we need to stay connected, we also need to learn from our interactions with others who and what is worth investing our time and energy into. Life exposes us to many characters. Some are good, healthy and nurturing and others drain us of the power and energy to get things done. Conduct an honest assessment of the people in your life and move away from those who keep you consumed with their issues without considering your needs. Relationships are give and take. If you are doing all the giving, at some point, you will be depleted. So seek healthy relationships and see your life improve.
  • Your health is definitely your wealth. Last year I lost 30 pounds. Surprisingly, it was much harder to lose the weight than I thought it would be. I spent weeks learning to live on between 1200 and 1500 calories per day. I cut my dairy, sugar and bread consumption to next to nothing. I learned to love the bland taste of water and ate more protein that I had in years. And let’s not talk about carbs. I ate them sparingly, if at all. My journey may seem extreme but it had to be. I was determined to get my weight under control and in the end, I was beyond elated with the results. Hard work and dedication does pay off. I’m healthier, my self-image is better and I’m finally more conscious of what I eat. Life is good.
  • Success has to be strictly defined to be properly pursued. All my life I wanted to be successful. It was the one thing that drove me to go to college, to pursue my career, to publish my first novel and to work hard at every job I’ve ever had. Being successful at whatever I did was worth the journey until I began to evaluate what true success really meant to me. For some, success is having a high-ranking title and earning wealth. For others, it is doing something meaningful and worthwhile for the greater good of mankind. But no matter how big or small, YOUR definition of success should drive you.

For me, success is finding peace and happiness in all my endeavors in spite of titles, money and power. It is waking up early on a Saturday morning and writing something beautiful that no one will ever see but me. It is looking at my image in the mirror and loving all that God has created. It is sharing myself with those I love and learning to move away, gracefully, from those I can no longer support. My definition of success is finally achievable and that’s the best lesson of all.

  • Dancing is mandatory! My biggest fear of getting older was losing what I call my passions for living. When I was 15, a person turning 40 seemed old, but now that I’ve reached that age I realize just how youthful I am. Forty feels like the new twenty. All my passions are still there. Actually, I am more passionate because my vision is clearer now. I still love loud rap music and dancing until dawn. I still chase lightning bugs and butterflies and I giggle like a young girl and flirt (with my husband). And, most importantly, I am still in heavy pursuit of all the wonders of life.

I hope the next forty years will be filled with opened doors and new opportunities to put all my life lessons into play. I am looking forward to expanding my consciousness in ways only age and grace will allow. But because of the first thirty-nine, I am even more excited for the ride and well-prepared for the journey.

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3 reasons to LIVE every day of your life (OUT LOUD!)

Every day can be a beautiful day!

Every day can be a beautiful day!

Have you ever had a day when all you wanted to do was stay in bed? I have, and it wasn’t because I was depressed or sick or lonely. The reason was simple, and not so simple at all. What I snuggled under my covers to delay or avoid were the responsibilities that come along with work, family, friends and all the extra things I often dragged through life. Until one day it dawned on me that I had the power to let it all go so I developed these three reasons why every day is worth living (out loud!):

First, life is truly what you make it. It is cyclical in every way. We are born, we love, we hurt, we give, we take, we cry, we need and we die. What happens in between is up to us. People with good attitudes get up early, bask in the morning dew, live every day as if its’ their last and love every minute of it.

Second, life is sweet in spite of all the sour parts. We all have good and bad experiences but in the end the gift that doesn’t stop giving is the power to persevere. Learn to push forward with no surrender.

And finally, life is yours! Right now you have power so mystifying that no one on earth can truly understand it. You smile when there are no reasons to do so. You love when you may not get it back in return and you dance even when the music stops. This is living out loud!

Tell me how you live out loud, share the last time you danced to no music.


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