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Keep Looking Up


It’s 5am and I’m driving to an early morning appointment.  I’m looking ahead focused on the road. Obeying all the traffic signals, moving along routinely as always when driving.  I was first to arrive at the meeting location so I decided to check emails, missed phone calls, and scroll social media. When I finally looked up I witnessed the beautiful transition from night to daylight. God is amazing and continues to bless us in spite of ourselves (myself).  I’m very grateful to arrive at my destination early enough to watch the sun rise over the city.  To enjoy the quiet moments as the night clouds give way to sunshine.

By Pam Cook

The Sun on My Face


Two hours into my four hour trip from Pittsburgh to Baltimore, just after picking up my first cup of Starbucks hot chocolate, I realize something amazing about my life. Unlike the countless years I spent wondering about my career and all the things I wanted to achieve in my lifetime, I finally accepted that what truly makes me happy is feeling the sun shine on my face.

How about that!

This sun I speak of isn’t the star at the center of the solar system. It is the warmth created by living beyond the shadows of your dreams and basking in the comfort of all God destined your life to be. It is embracing the things you care about the most and accepting what you cannot change. It is feeling excited about the day for no other reason than the fact that you will do one thing, no matter how big or small, that you truly enjoy.

For me it is writing.

Whether it’s the perfect email, the perfect letter, the perfect blog post or the perfect next chapter, writing is my kiss of sunshine and hopefully, throughout my lifetime, it will always be a perfect love.

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